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Whether you are looking to fill an internal role or need a contracted resource to complete a project, Dolphin Tech provides you with access to top tech talent in your industry. Our experience and familiarity with the industry and its players allows us to customize a delivery strategy that would fit your budget and timeline.

We offer a full range of services, including retained search, contingency placement, short-and long-term consulting.Unlike other staffing agencies, Dolphin just specializes in tech. 

Dolphin recruiters do not consider themselves “headhunters,” but rather professional consultants with the interpersonal skills, technology, and business expertise, and market knowledge to offer candidates and clients a rare level of strategic counsel.

Let our team take the task of searching and interviewing off of your plate. With our experienced tech services background, we implement a distinctively personal interview process. 

We’re empathetic to the needs of our clients, so we take the time to know each candidate’s expertise, training, goals, and individual personality so we’re more likely to find talent who thrive in your organization.

Our Services

We emphasize a lot on culture and our selection of candidates helps you save time.

Outsource with confidence

Dolphin Tech has all the tech talents you need without breaking your budget IT outsourcing from Dolphin lets you leverage professional assistance from our team of seasoned experts without the costs and hassle of hiring a new in-house tech staff.

Project support team members

Dolphin Tech provides missing talent elements to your project strategy. Our aim is to help you achieve your goal by analyzing and applying the perfect candidate to your organization.

Project support packages

Dolphin Tech provides a range of packages that could add-on to an existing business or project. Our packages are designed to give you ultimate value in specialised areas leaving you to grow and develop your business. Packages include E-commerce Solutions and Digital Marketing Solutions.

Skill-sets Specialization

We have a vast network within the IT community, and can deliver qualified professionals within the following areas:

Software Developers/Architects
Website Development
Digital Marketing
Open Source Development
Mobile Development
Database Developers/Administrators
DevOps Engineers
Systems Engineers/Architects
Network Engineers/Architects
Cloud Engineering
BI/Big Data Analytics and Engineering
Business (Systems) Analyst
IT Leadership
How We Charge


We charge on a fee basis, with packages starting from RM4,800

Essentially we’re a contingency agency, so no hire, no fee. 

We offer replacement candidates with no additional charges and a flexible refund policy, so hiring a top candidate is an investment that is well protected.

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