You got HIRED as the dream candidate but FIRED yourself instantly. Why?

          Ever been in a situation where you have been working tirelessly to find a job only to realize that you passed the interview and got the offer but you didn’t accept the job because you felt that the salary was “too low” for your qualifications and experience. Have you ever been in such a situation? The process of rejecting the role based on your perception is what is known as confirmation bias. 

          Confirmation bias is the tendency to process information by looking or interpreting information that is consistent with one’s existing beliefs without evaluating a situation thoroughly. This biased approach is largely unintentional and often result in inconsistent information.  

          Robert Half’s survey reports that 28% of candidates backed out after receiving a job offer because they accepted a better offer (44%), received a counteroffer from their current employer (27%), or heard bad things about the company (19%). However, in majority of the situations, various factors could lead to why a candidate rejects an offer. Here are some popular rejection reasons:

  • Show me the money!

Many candidates especially the millennials are focus only on MONEY. This is a major stumbling block. Of course, we all want as much money for everything we do but sometimes in certain situations, we have to bite our teeth and accept whatever that has been given to us. Imagine the job you reject today, 6months down the road the organization implemented a new system that you had been longing to work with, or implemented an incentive scheme that if only you knew earlier would have benefited you. Good things come to those who wait so just like our job offer we should not over-focus on monetary value but look at the bigger picture on what we can learn that can’t be equated to $ value.

  • Communication and Community Skills

The majority of companies these days are looking for team players. A person with the right communication skill and team spirit is highly sought after. Candidates should set the bar by asking the right questions about how to engage with the team and the processes used to communicate with the team. Communication skills are easy to learn but hard to practice. You may have seen in your recent job advert the skill sought after “Excellent Communication Skills” and then you wonder, why all of them are using this term? Fact is, sometimes we think we have that ability to communicate but in reality, is we really can’t! Many tech companies these days offer morning stand-ups, mid-day team-meetings, etc. These are all hidden treasures for a candidate to measure even if the company does not have the best to offer in terms of monetary value.  

What can we do to avoid making wrong decisions without embarrassingly making a U-turn with our decisions later? 

  • Be hungry to learn, passionate to grow, and ask the right questions
    Many times as candidates we only want to hear “What’s it for me”? Well, I don’t blame you because this is every human trait, but it would be good to pause and reflect and ask questions like “How can I contribute to make this happen”, “Who should I work with to make this happen”. If we have this attitude towards any given job, we are training our thoughts towards a positive goal even if it’s not part of our comfort zone.
  • Conducting thorough research on the company, its culture, and value proposition
    As a candidate seeking a job, the onus should be on us to conduct thorough research about the company. The research should not only be focused via the website but on its social media channels, the clients dealt with, and other perimeters. This gives us an overview of underlying messages and the company’s value proposition, its culture, and what sort of tonality or vibe it brings. This is crucial for any candidate simply because he/she would be able to grasp from a different perspective. Although the offer on paper may not be good the other hidden benefits could substantiate this and help the candidate make better-informed decisions. 

          As we try to eradicate biases in our decision-making process for our selection of jobs, let’s not forget that every decision we make today has a ripple effect on us tomorrow. We may reject a job offer today thinking it doesn’t meet the needs and wants but what if that rejection causes us to be without a job for 6-8months. Imagine a life without any income during unprecedented times like this during the pandemic? We may not be able to capture our dream job just yet but what we have now let’s capture every opportunity of it while we can. As the saying goes “Make Hay While the Sun Shines” because tomorrow is not guaranteed with abundance than what today has to offer. 

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